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Our regressive tax code hits middle and lower income households in our community the hardest, with those who earn the least paying a disproportionate share of taxes in our state. In fact, due to our overreliance on the sales tax, Washington has one of the most inequitable tax codes in the nation. Besides being unjust, this inequitable structure fails to generate the revenue we need to invest in our community’s education, health, and safety.

In Olympia, I will be a vocal advocate for common sense tax reforms that ensure our businesses and wealthiest households are contributing their fair share. I support the recently passed Capital Gains Tax, which is estimated to raise roughly $500 million per year for our schools without placing the burden on middle and working class households. But we can’t stop there – we need to close loopholes to ensure a more fair and progressive source of revenue for our state and implement a wealth tax to bring equity to Washingtonians.