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The climate crisis will require that we reorganize our society. It is not just a bill here and a bond there – we need to fundamentally rethink how we live. For my patients struggling to breathe during times of fire and smoke or struggling with dehydration and heat related illnesses from last summer’s record heat wave, the impacts of pollution and climate change are very real. We need to prioritize environmental justice, conservation and cleanup of our air and water, and robust action to take on climate change.

Reducing fossil fuel use and carbon emissions is critical to both localized impacts and global climate action. I’ll be a tireless voice for conversion to cleaner buildings and retrofits of existing homes and commercial spaces, adoption of cleaner cars and EVs as well as transit expansion and access, and further development of clean energy sources and jobs. We need to understand our interconnectedness – to each other and all life on our planet – and act accordingly. The environmental crisis requires no less than prioritizing the common good in everything we do.