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In addition to places of learning, our schools are our best opportunity to meet kids where they are and provide for their whole person needs. Schools can be a refuge and provide food, health and safety. Schools are responsible for our children’s intellectual, social and emotional growth. We must fully fund schools so that they can succeed in this huge endeavor. Our children’s ability to remain in school is essential for the economic stability of our families.

I believe we need to listen to our educators, education community, parents and kids to provide equitable investments in our education system. We need to provide educational access for all children to include those with different learning styles, cultural, and economic backgrounds. As we learn more about the brain, science can help us shape our educational system to maximize kids’ potential. For example, instead of playing catch up with the 15-20% of kids with dyslexia, we can teach ALL kids to read in ways that work for the dyslexic learner right from the start – saving money and heartache down the road.

It’s not just dyslexia – our public education system fails to identify and accommodate kids with learning differences, with widespread implications further on in life. A public education system that considers diversity in learning styles would set more kids and families up for success, resulting in safer communities and less money spent overall. 

For years I have worked in Olympia to help kids along a spectrum of needs and abilities receive compassionate, affirmative learning opportunities. As your representative, I will continue to stress the importance of education throughout the lifespan – from birth to early childcare to school to apprenticeships to adult education. Education is where we shape our future, maximize the fulfillment of each individual and create the most common good for our communities.