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Take part in and honor Dr. King’s legacy of service

Here are a few opportunities to take part in and honor Dr. King’s legacy of service: Participate in the 49th Annual Community Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Join the live broadcast here → ONLINE HERE. Donate items of need to fellow community members → ONLINE HERE. Discover a curated list of content around Dr. King’s … Continued

Washington Chapter of the American Academy of PediatricsWhy I Advocate: Reflections on 10 Years Advocating with WCAAP

The first time I testified in Olympia, I made the trip while on maternity leave with a newborn — a perfect time to take a spitty infant on a long car trip to a formal hearing room. I recall sitting with my daughter, who was sleeping peacefully, waiting for my turn to speak. I handed her off toRead More

American Academy of PediatricsAdvocacy in Action: Passing Tobacco 21 Legislation in Washington State

Program Goals: Tobacco 21 legislation, increasing the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco and vaping products to 21 years, was signed into law in April 2019, after years of advocacy from the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (WCAAP) and coalition partners.Read More

The Everett ClinicDr. Lelach Rave Measles Interview KING 5

According to the CDC, there have been over 550 cases of measles this year, and its only April. Dr. Lelach Rave, with The Everett Clinic recently spoke with KING 5 regarding the measles outbreak, how contagious they can be and what, as parents, you can do about it.Read More

Washington Chapter of the American Academy of PediatricsAdvocacy Update: Sharing Our Stories

Legislators frequently tell us that stories are what bring the impact of legislation to life and are what bring proposed policies to fruition. They see issue briefs, meet with lobbyists and hear statistics, but it’s the real lives of people in their communities that move them to act. In thatRead More

Washington Work and Family CoalitionImproving health for babies and mothers

Pediatricians like Dr. Lelach Rave from Everett recommend at least 26 weeks for parents to spend with a new child, and that's why our proposal for #paidfamilyleave and paid medical leave would provide that. Dr. Rave testified in support of our bill, representing Washington Chapter AAP, anRead More

Queen Anne NewsFighting to ‘raise up’

Proponents of a statewide initiative to raise the minimum wage and expand access to paid sick leave made their case on Thursday for why voters should back the sweeping measure designed to reduce economic inequality in Washington.Read More